How to make her ex-husband to pay child support?

According to statistics, 80% of divorced men avoid paying maintenance. And only 30% of women are served for it in court. How to make the "former" to pay child support? We understand!

The first step should be peaceful: try reach an agreement with the former spouse. Only Marshall talk specifically, how much he will pay, with what frequency and to what age children.

If in the course of this conversation, you and your husband will reach a compromise, the details need to be fixed in the agreement and notarized. Then the document will be valid. If it does not agree, start fighting.

2 ways to achieve justice

1. In an order
when it is This option is useful to you in the event that the "former" high and stable salary you expect to receive alimony as a percentage of his earnings.
What to do Apply to the court for the issuance of a court order for alimony. The application shall attach a birth certificate, certificate of family composition and the certificate of custody or divorce (if any).
Result Within 5 days after submission of the application you will be able to get your hands ready writ, which subsequently must be attributed to the place of the child's father works or surrender to the bailiffs.

2. legal action
when it is father of the child may, within 10 days from the date of issuance of the injunction to apply for its cancellation. If the order is canceled, you will have to file a claim in court for alimony. Legal action will also help if you want to receive child support does not as a percentage of earnings, and in a fixed amount.
What to do In addition to birth certificates and certificates of family members attach to the claim of financial documents confirming the actual costs of maintenance of the child. This is especially true if you plan to alimony as a fixed amount. The actual costs may affect the amount of maintenance.

How to make her ex-husband to pay child support? /

If the former husband to hide their income

How to prove that the child's father has additional informal sources of income? Unfortunately, according to the practice of justice, this problem lies with my mother. However, the court will help you get any information you if you file a petition.

So, with the help of the judicial inquiries, you can obtain information about this property, located in the child's father's property, they made deductions, the presence of deposits and bank accounts. This will help to draw objective conclusions about the financial position of the baby's father, as well as to find out the size of its non-cash income.

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