10 ways to save space in your suitcase

If the compact to pack in a suitcase and rational use of its space, you can save up to 40-50% of the volume.

1. Rolled into rolls

To save space in your suitcase, sliding it into tight rolls. But this way of stacking is not suitable for blouses and dresses.

2. use packages

A great invention - vacuum compression bags. They allow you to reduce the amount of space occupied by 80%!

10 ways to save space in your suitcase / istockphoto.com

3.Upakovochnye cubes

Packing cubes allow ergonomically positioned in a suitcase all you need. By the way, all family members can quickly identify their things in common luggage.

4. Mix and match

Take a vacation only those things that are easy to mix and match with each other.

5. Raincoat instead of an umbrella

Take a journey not an umbrella and raincoat - it will take a little and weighs - nothing at all.

10 ways to save space in your suitcase / istockphoto.com

6. small beautician

Buy a special set of jars and tubes for travel, which is convenient to pour a portion of the large-sized jars.

7. Pack all the little things

Spoon stick, hair clips, tights and socks separately inside the shoe, wrapping them with cling film. Earrings and rings put in tabletochnitsu.

8. Organize your medicine cabinet

The journey take several pills each required medication. Moisturizers and pshikalki be transported without the cardboard boxes.

9. NO surround toys

Do not take plastic toy sets for playing in the sand. They occupy polchemodana and thus sold on the spot for mere pennies.

10. A place for new things

If you took the bare minimum - count on a good shopping. After all, so much space for new things!

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