How to make and receive further assistance to large families in Ukraine

According to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine many children are entitled to additional financial assistance for 1700 hryvnia per month for the third child and subsequent. How to make and what documents are needed

To get additional help, you must go to the nearest Social Welfare and write application for the money. With a need to have the original and copies of the passports of both parents, birth certificates of all children, original and copy of the ID a large family, identity older children (given when the child reaches 6 years of age, you need to provide social security to the original and copy).

If the parents are registered at different addresses...

In this case, you must provide a certificate from the Department of Social Welfare another area that the address registration in the similar help a mother or father does not pretend. They may seek help only in one district department of social security.

On each of the third and subsequent children in accordance with the notification and after verification families inspector residence social security family will receive 1700 hryvnia material assistance on a monthly basis. Payments will be awarded until the child reaches six years of age inclusive. The payment is in addition to 860 grivnas monthly assistance for child birth.

Additional assistance to large families /

Who is eligible to receive payments

Surcharge will be given not only to those who have given birth or give birth to a baby this year, but also to those families who already have a license large. If a family has four or more children, two of whom are under six years old, she is also entitled to the payment.
Additional assistance will be billed through the authorized State Bank, in which the mother or father made out a monthly allowance at birth, or through separation "Ukrposhta".

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