Payments for the child in 2017: what and who rely

Children - this is the greatest happiness, and on-the-very large sum of expenditure, it is even hard to calculate as long as the kid does not come to light. Simply put, if the family has children - extra money will never be, so the question of payments for the child is always relevant.

Let's be clear what "children's money" rely parents in 2017.

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In Ukraine today there are two types of government payments to the child at birth:

  • care during pregnancy and childbirth;
  • one-time assistance at birth.

Care during pregnancy and childbirth


At 30 weeks (6.5-7 months) working pregnant woman goes to paid maternity leave. It lasts for 70 calendar days before childbirth and 56 days after. And if the mother had two or more children, and also for complicated delivery (caesarean section, etc.) rental increased to 70 days.

Future mom gets prenatal medical certificate - a document which gives her the right to receive benefits that all women (in including minors), whether insured or not insured they are in the system of compulsory state social insurance.

This allowance is calculated at a rate of 100% per cent of the average salary regardless of the insurance and paid at the place of work, and payment is made at once for the entire holiday period.

If the woman is unemployed, the documents for the payment are made in a social security at the place of registration. By the way, the number of days actually used before delivery does not affect the payout.

IMPORTANT! The Cabinet of Ministers increased the amount of benefits for pregnancy and childbirth are not insured persons in December 2017 up to 1850 UAH. compared to 1680 UAH, provided with December 2016.

One-time assistance at birth

Help at birth in the amount paid (41,280 USD.), Which does not depend on whether the account is a child in the family - the first, second or third. The allowance is paid lump sum in the amount of 10 320 UAH., The remaining amount is distributed over the next 36 months in equal installments (860 UAH. per month).

IMPORTANT! Children born before June 30, 2014, will receive assistance in the amount specified on the date of birth of the baby (for the first child - 30 960 USD, in the second - 61 920 UAH for the third and subsequent children -.. 123 840,00 USD), that is, change from 1.7.2017 this category of children does not touch.
Wait soon online detailed article about what documents are needed for registration benefits, as well as on the amount of benefits in 2017 for each category.

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