5 Habits newly moms who annoy others

Before you - the actions of young mothers who repel others.

To sniff the used diaper

The newly minted mom love often explore the contents of diaper your child and do it in public. This behavior causes the mothers sidelong glances from others.

Lick the nipple before they give it to a child

Such a gesture is not safe for most mothers: it sends in thousands of mouth bacteria. Better not to scare off others, and to take a walk on a bottle of boiled water to wash pacifier.

5 Habits newly moms who annoy others / istockphoto.com

Wash the baby with her saliva

Agree, it looks disgusting! Why, then, need baby wipes?

To cover the baby's face emoticon

If you are superstitious, so why show a photo of your baby all over the internet? Well, if they want to tell the world about your happiness, think about how this can be done beautifully. A person covered by a huge smiley face looks weird and awful.

The status of write: "Mom Miyushki"

Once this status raises the question: "And until Miyushki little daughter who was this woman? How do you spend, what to do? "

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