Greta Thunberg: Who is this and why we are discussing it in the UN

This 16-year-old Swede listened to the Heads of State and the Pope, it acts on Economic Forum in Davos and the UN summit, it is called the "man of the year" may be awarded Nobel Prize.

What she deserved so much attention and why talk about it?

Who is Greta Thunberg?

Greta Thunberg - 16-year-old resident of Stockholm. Her parents - Malena Ernman, a former opera singer, took part in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest "Eurovision", and actor Svante Thunberg - probably not even aware that their daughter - a young ekoaktivistku - waiting world confession.

A few years ago on a school lesson Greta saw a film about how people inflict damage on nature: the world Ocean is polluted with tons of plastic, due to global warming polar bears are hungry and so Further. The film is so impressed with the girl that she had lost the peace.

- I cried when I watched it - recalls Greta. - My classmates too worried, but after watching quietly returned to their cases. And I could not. These frames are just stuck in my head.

Experiences girls have led to the fact that in 11 years she developed depression. Then the parents addressed to experts who have been diagnosed with Greta and her younger sister Beata Asperger's syndrome, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and selective mutism (the girl is not always able to talk when required circumstances).

Perhaps it is because of their features Greta capable long time to focus on a particular subject or situation. And since environmental issues have made such a strong impression on her, she decided not to just worry about, but to act and to take concrete steps to change the situation for the better.

Greta beginning to change themselves and their families. Ceased to eat meat, use plastic flying. The house has solar panels installed Thunberg, move as far as possible on the bike, growing fruits and vegetables in your own garden. Greta had convinced my mother to give up her career as her job required frequent air travel, and each flight of causing irreparable environmental damage.

However, even this was not enough to Greta, and she went into action to save the world.

What she did

Almost a year ago, in August 2018 of Greta Thunberg went to a single strike to protest against climate change. The girl has arranged a picket at the walls of the Swedish Parliament, saying that he would not go to school as long as Swedish politicians do not start adhere to the terms of the Paris Agreement on the climate and do not pay attention to the problem of drought and forest fires associated with global warming.

Surprisingly, but in a short time the news of the young activist flew on social networks, a few days later wrote about it the Swedish press, and its shares were joined by several dozen people.

But Greta did not stop there, initiating a new campaign - "Friday for the future." She encouraged everyone to join her and to protest at the parliament buildings in the world. And it responded to the call, young people around the world.

Today, the movement Greta Thunberg joined more than 1.5 million people in 50 countries around the world. It took more than 2 thousand. shares in 123 countries on all continents, including Antarctica.

Ecology Movement Thunberg has attracted famous politicians - in fact, for them it and appeals to make the world better and cleaner. Minister of environmental protection in the British government, Michael Gove, thanked the girl for the fact that thanks to her and other activists, he realized that "the time to act." Thunberg also supported the former British Prime Minister Theresa May, former US President, Barack Obama, Pope Francis.

Greta included in the list of 100 most influential people in 2019, an authoritative GQ magazine named its man of the year, it is covered the world's leading media, it acts on TEDxStockholm conference at the Economic Forum in Davos, and its recent performance at the UN Summit, has stirred up the world (by the way, to get from Sweden to the US, Greta crossed the ocean on a yacht, abandoning flight).

- You stole my dreams and my childhood with his empty words - addressed the girl to politicians gathered at the summit - and yet I am one of the lucky ones. People are suffering, people are dying, entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are on the verge of mass destruction, and all that you can say - it's money and tales about the eternal economic growth. How dare you?!

Greta became the owner of the highest award of the human rights organization Amnesty International and received the title of "Ambassador of Conscience". Thunberg also nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and may become the youngest winner of her.

For what it is appreciated and criticized

However, not all noble activities like Greta. Detractors suggest that the popularization of its ekodeyatelnosti engaged experienced PR people pursuing selfish goals.

Fierce debate among supporters and opponents Thunberg underway in social networks.

Subjected it to criticism and mighty of this world. Minister of Ecology Belgian jockey Shovigle called protesters schoolchildren, supporting the movement Thunberg, "shirkers". And I paid for it by resigning.

But be that as it may, the young and brave Greta Thunberg has an important mission - to make all of us think about how fragile world, what kind of damage we are doing to nature, even without realizing it, and that each of us now is to take a step to salvation planet.

Text: Victoria Grabowska, Telenedelya Journal ©