What are the nails appear white spots and other signs of the nails

Did you know that in the nails focused a lot of energy points related to our bodies body and interacting with the external energy flow, and care for them affects our life good luck?

Surprisingly, with the help of nail polish can activate the energy in various spheres of life. For example, if you want to achieve career and financial growth, it is not necessary to paint nails in different contrasting colors do anything "flashy" manicure.

It is better to choose a nail polish soothing pastel tones or muted maroon, refuse rhinestones and contrasting ornaments. To attract love, on the contrary, stones and drawings on the nails are quite appropriate, but they should be painted in bright colors: orange, red, pink, purple and others.

Signs of nails

If the nail appears white spot near the cuticle - the Soon you'll get a nice gift, if the center - that is nearing pleasant meeting or dating, and a white spot at the edge of the nail portends favorable situation and positive changes in life.

You prefer to "square" manicure? Then you will be able to be realized in career and business. To attract love Give your marigolds rounded shape, and if you face a specific purpose, then it will help to achieve a triangular shaped nails.

Often broken nails? Note on some finger nails are broken more often:

  • on the thumb: You have to shoulder too much work and responsibilities;
  • on the index: You are too overbearing and unnecessarily imposing their views on others;
  • on average: You do not have enough love and care from loved ones;
  • on the ring: You have hidden health problems;
  • pinkie: You may have conflicts and lack of mutual understanding with someone else.

What day of the week is best to cut nails

Manicure can not only following the advice of astrologers, and regardless of the phases of the moon, but also on the days of the week:

  • Monday: Together with nails "sheared" disheartened;
  • Tuesday: Mow nails - to protect themselves from trouble;
  • Wednesday: A manicure helps to organize their thoughts and successfully start learning something new;
  • ThursdayIf postrizhete nails in this day, you can increase your credibility and gain confidence in their abilities;
  • Friday: Do not do a manicure on Friday not to "come" extra weight;
  • Saturday - the best day for the nail clippers: you will gain health and get rid of failure and loneliness;
  • in Sunday better not to do manicure, so as not to become a loser.

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