Near Kiev, there was a shelter for women victims of domestic violence

Unfortunately, some famous women, that is domestic violence. However, many people are trying to help the victims after the men aggression. Therefore, these women are not alone.

Near Kiev opened the first municipal shelter for women victims of domestic violence. At the moment, it may take 10-12 women with children who need temporary shelter.

In Ukraine there is a law against domestic violence, according to which the aggressor can make an order prohibiting approach to the victim. But, unfortunately, its mechanism is not fully resolved. Therefore, many women have to search for a house to hide from the aggressive husband.

Women's refuge near Kiev can offer joint accommodation in rooms with children. Here, victims can live up to three months, but in some cases may be extended.

A shelter for women victims of violence /

In order to protect women from the shelter offenders address is not disclosed, but you can see this information through the police, through the reference to the "hot" line of social services, etc.

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