4 ways to take a child in the kitchen while mom prepares: games for kids

Cooking - is an integral part of the daily life of a young mother. We have to combine cooking and child care. What to do with the baby in the kitchen while mom cooks? 4 safe games you will find in the article.

Many moms are afraid to let the baby into the kitchen and cooked only when Dad comes home from work. There the pope, who often go on business trips, or have irregular working day.What to cook tonight? Not necessarily carry cooking due to the fact that the child is at home. It is necessary to protect the kitchen and offer him a funny game.

What to do with the baby in the kitchen? / istockphoto.com

How to make the kitchen safe?

  • Knives, forks, breakable objects are removed as high as possible, so that the child could not reach them.
  • Sockets, which can be in the baby's access zone must be closed with plugs.
  • Do not use the oven until the child is playing in the kitchen.
  • During cooking, use long hot plates, utensils, expand the handles of the child.
  • The child must not have access to the appliance.
  • Choose place baby games away from the plate, and the mother should be good to see what the baby.

What to do with the baby in the kitchen? / istockphoto.com

What to do with the baby in the kitchen while mom cooks?

Games with utensils

Kids love to play pots, bowls, spoons. Place the child on the mat, give cooking utensils. Utensils should be made of durable plastic, wood, aluminum, iron. You can also select your child a shelf in the kitchen, where he can take his desired safe bowl.

Games with cereals

Encourage your child to play with cereals. To do this, put him in the highchair and pour cereal. He will carry a finger on the rump, mix it, and even try on a tooth. If your baby pulls everything in his mouth, then take semolina - it is small and it is safe to swallow. Senior kiddies can offer to play with beans, pasta, and make crafts out of them.

Games with a fridge

There are two versions of the game with a fridge. The first - the game with magnets. Give your child a colorful magnets. He will hang them on the refrigerator, tear, fold the pictures, move. The second option - to hang on the fridge chalk board for drawing and give the child a big crayons. is he will draw on the refrigerator, and if you come off the board, the chalk then easily erased.

Playing with the dough

If you have something to bake, make the test more and give a piece of the kid. Just take a look to it in his mouth does not pull. The dough will stick to the Tom Thumb and cause a lot of interest in the child. An older child can offer to sculpt figurines of dough, roll the "sausages" and so on.

The child is always fun to play in the kitchen. The main thing is to make it safe games. And then the cooking process for mom will be a joy.

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