10 family outdoor games: fun relax with the whole family

In the summer I want to spend more time outdoors. But children often get bored even in the countryside. Kolobok.ua gathered fun games for the whole family, which will be useful in the country or a picnic.

children important to play with their parents. It helps them feel part of the family. Games help to transform any outdoor recreation into a real celebration.

10 family games in the fresh air / istockphoto.com

Hide and Seek

In this game it is not desirable to play in the woods or near the river. It is best in the country, so that children can not go beyond the territory of the site. Rules all mi know from childhood. Players are hidden, and the facilitator should find them all.


Bowling in nature use plastic bottles of water. And instead of a large ball, you can take a little tennis. standard rules: you have to throw the ball and knock down as many bottles as possible.


Familiar to us from childhood, and everyone's favorite game - Kwacha. It must catch up with the leading - "zakvachevat" other players. Who manages to catch, he is Kwacha.

icy secrets

In a large bowl, place different toys, fill them with water and freeze. The problem of children - "free" toys. Break the ice they are using toy hammers.

Get in the bucket

Buckets of different sizes need to put a different distance. The task of the players get to balls.

10 family games in the fresh air / istockphoto.com

Find treasure

On the dacha hide different subjects. Give the children a list of hidden items and the package where they need to collect. The winner is the first team to collect all the items.


If the hand is not a standard twister, do not worry - you can paint it with chalk on the pavement. Leading blindly thinks of players mug color and an arm or leg, which is to be delivered.

Ball without hands

All family members sit in a circle, resting on his hands. They need to throw the ball to each other feet. Who touches with his hands, the strata.


The player thinks of a word that he should show gestures without sounds. Who guesses the word, he shows it as follows.

Broken phone

The family members sit in a row, and the leading extreme says a word. That whisper passes on and so - until the end. The final player to hear the word says, if it coincides with the put forth, it becomes the master. If not, then sits down at the end of the line.

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