10 games with godovasikom Street: spend time having fun and benefit

Year-old child does not want to sit quietly or sleep on the street in a wheelchair. He wants to play and spend time actively. What to do with the kid on the street?

In one year a child interested in everything. Turn your walk into an exciting and informative activities with the help of our simple games.

Games on the street with a child 1 year / istockphoto.com

Games with puddles

Throw things into a mess. Gather with the baby pebbles, twigs and leaves. Now, throw them into a puddle. The kid will notice that some items are drowning in a puddle, and some are swimming.

Walk in a puddle. Godovasiki still can not jump in the pool, but happy in her walk. Buy for yourself and your child rubber boots and walk with the baby after the rain.

Knock on a puddle. Give your child a stick and show how to knock on a puddle. The kid will be interesting to see how the spray fly around.

Games on the pavement

With the help of crayons can be a baby learn to draw on the pavement, as well as learn to color it. Also, the child can be given Rolling toys, he will push ahead or tie a thread on the machine.

gather flowers

Kids love to tear the flowers and gather bouquets. Take your child to the lawn and collect with him a bouquet of dandelions and daisies. You can also show your child how to blow a dandelion magnificent - they really like to do it.

Games on the street with a child 1 year / istockphoto.com

Feed the birds

Godovasiki like chasing pigeons and sparrows, but even more they love to feed them. Give pieces of baby corn and sunflower seeds, and show them how to throw the birds. Just take a look to the child is not picked up after the food of birds.

Ball games

Hit the pocket. For this game, take a small ball and dig a hole under it. Throw a ball in the direction of the pit so that he got there. The child should repeat after you.

Throw the ball into the wall. For this game needs a big easy ball. Throw the ball at the wall and catch it.

Sliding down the ball. Kids love to let the ball from the hill or stairs. Show your child what will happen if a ball to throw from a height.

Football. Show your child that you can push the ball, not only hands but also feet. Play football with him. This game will be a child to develop coordination.

As you can see exciting games to come up with 1 year on the street for a child - is not difficult, the main thing in this case to show a little imagination.

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