Why do children, which parents play, happier and more successful. A study by LEGO®

The future of your children is laid in childhood and you have a direct effect on this.

Work, life, the problems - all this is a priority for adult life, so playing with the kids seem to us secondary and unnecessary.

Almost a third of families spend together less than 5 hours per week. Every tenth played together for at least two hours. Many hard to find time to play because of a busy schedule: both parents and children.

Some parents recognize that it is often distracted by work or other things because of the gadgets: laptops and smartphones.

We really are working to ensure that the basic needs that must give happiness and comfort us and to our family. However, the education of children is more important than any game. But is it really?

Why play is important

The study of the phenomenon of the game LEGO® Play Well, Which was attended by 13,000 parents and children from 9 countries showed a direct link between the joint play and happiness in the family. 9 out of 10 families that play together 5 hours a week or more, they say that they are happy. But among those who play less than 5 hours per week, only 7 out of 10 say that they are happy.

Almost all the children who participated in the study, said that the game makes them happy and helps you relax after a long day at school. They also said that better learning when training like a game. So the gameplay facilitates learning and development of the child, laying the foundation for future success in adult life.

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According to the study, the game is crucial for the prosperity and development of the child: it strengthens confidence, interest in the world around them and learn to solve problems. Thanks to the game, children are no longer afraid of bugs, learn to ask questions, they develop empathy.

At the same time, and adults themselves feel happier family games. For example, research has shown that joint game allows parents to better
know your child well affect their well-being, it helps more relaxing, improves communication and builds a strong relationship of trust within the family.

Most adults admitted: cooperative games develop communication skills and creativity.

What games to play with your child

For the development of the child, which will influence its future is not so important what to play, how necessary it is a family game. Mission LEGO®- to inspire and develop the creators of the future through the power of the game, that's why LEGO® sets diverse, designed for different age groups and preferences, and create a set of cubes can be anything.

Fantasy is not limited by anything in the game together with the parents, you can create something really incredible - it helps children develop imagination, motor skills and, most importantly, to believe in own strength. After all, creativity - is the foundation of success in any profession.

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Plan a family day with the child so that play together and construct something new. In our own experience you'll be able to see how a family game makes everyone happy, overshadowing all the household stuff.