Often hug their children why hugs are important for the child

For the full development of the child is not enough just watching and baby training.

You should always show him their love and care. This really can help usual hugs, which have an important role in development of children. We learn why it is important to embrace their children.

№1. Children need to embrace as much as possible, especially when they are small and do not resist. It allows kids to instill the ability to love, to care, to sympathize.

№2. It has long been proven that parental hugs help to cope with children's aggression, resentment, uncertainty, and even physical illness. If a child is rarely hug, then it may develop in him a sense of nedolyublennosti that in the future a strong effect on the psyche.

Why is it important to embrace your child / istockphoto.com

№3. When parents hug their children, if they are hurt, it helps to relieve pain. During embrace allocated happiness hormones - endorphins, which reduce pain.

№4. Children often need to embrace in order to make them resistant to stress. Embrace give a sense that all is well, give strength and bring pleasant emotions.

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