Outdoor play: top-5 Spring fun with the kid

Oh, these spring days. The sun's rays make their way through the glass window and beckon for a fresh air. Time-of-town trips, picnics, walks in the park and outdoor games. Editorial Kolobok.ua It offers 5 fun ideas for games the whole family for the upcoming weekend.

1. Treasure hunters. Started a sortie on the nature or the park a big company? This game takes a long time for your children. Zagotovte advance plastic bags or canvas bags. Each package put a list of "treasures" to be found. There can be anything: an oak leaf, stone, shell, daisy, bird feather, etc... Each player has his own list, but the number of objects the same. Children and disassemble packets sent to a search expedition. Who first will gather everything on the list, he also won.

2. Bottle Bowling. Another entertaining game for children and adults. For it you will need plastic bottles of different sizes, paint ball and tennis. Bottles and the ball can be dyed under these pins and bowling ball. Then fill the bottle with water. Skittles ready.


3. The simulator accuracy. You have in the country certainly has a couple of different sized buckets unnecessary, you can even not quite whole. They can be fastened with screws to the long board. The simulator is set vertically or lean against the wall. For hitting the ball in the bucket is charged a certain amount of points, the smaller the bucket, the more points. The winner is the one who, for example, has reached 100.

4. Street twister. On asphalt you can outline the contours of the colored circles. Their size, as well as the playing field is determined only by your desire and age of the participants. You can draw a circle on the lawn with water based paints, which are not washed away by rain. To circles of the same size, you can use a cardboard box in the bottom of which cut a corresponding hole.

5. Dialed ring. Another opportunity to practice in accuracy. Rings can be bought ready-made or make noodle - sticks for swimming and aqua aerobics. And for the uprights to use whatever is at hand, even though the branches of trees.