7 games with cards for children to develop speech, imagination and intellect

Games with cards - easy to learn and does not require a lot of time and money. They develop thinking, imagination and the child's speech. We offer you to get acquainted with 6 games with cards for different ages.

For the first time use cards with images of various objects for child development proposed neurosurgeonGlen Doman . The technique proved to be very effective, and the card is used for training and to this day. How can you use them to play with a toddler?

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When to start?

At about 6 months, the child begins to relate the subject to its name. Since that time, and you can start to use the card. For a start it would be simple games: You name an object, such as a dog and say "bow-wow". Gradually the child will remember the name of the object, as well as what sounds he makes. So you can play up to about 1.5 years old. Then you will see the first results and begin to complicate the game.

Game 1 - the image and the object

Choose a card with a picture of the items that you have in the house. For example, fruits and vegetables, home furnishings. Ask your child to put a card on the subject to which it corresponds.

Game 2 - to live in a house

Choose a different card: cars, birds, fruit. Also draw or make a card with a garage, basket, nest. Ask the kid "settle" on the cards "house".

Game 3 - get extra

Put before the child a series of cards, such as transport and one extra card, for example, some kind of vegetable. The child should remove the extra card. Complicate the game, increasing the number of extra cards.

Games with cards for children / istockphoto.com

Game 4 - get a couple

Spread out in front of your baby cards and asked to find a pair. First, use only the same image in different colors, for example, an oval blue and red, green and pink typewriter. Then it simple. Encourage your child to find a pair of figures and objects. For example, a loaf and oval, square and box, circle, apple, etc.

Game 5 - who went

Spread out in front of a child 4 cards. Ask to name all of the items. Then the baby closes his eyes while you hide a card. He must name who disappeared. Complicate the game, increasing the number of cards.

Game 6 - "Memory"

Select an even number of cards, each card should be duplicated. Expanding cards face down. Each player turns over two cards, he must gather a few. If the pair fails, the cards are turned back. The winner is the one who will bring more couples.

Game 7 - tell tale

Spread out in front of the baby a few cards. Tell him a story on cards. Then change the cards and ask the kid to do the same. This game will develop the child's imagination and memory.

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