Gifts Dad October 14 with his own hands: 5 simple ideas

Such crafts, gifts for dad can make at home, in the family and in the kindergarten or school.

The picture with the prints handles

Even the youngest can make dad a gift with their own hands! This requires a bit of free time and help my mother. Putting cute prints hands and feet on the paper and filling out a picture of the prints, you can make a very touching gift for dad.

The picture with the prints handles / pinterest

Postcard for the best dads

This timeless gift - a card of any size in a shirt with a tie or amusing inscription that Pope exactly check out.

Postcard for the best dads / pinterest

Bookmark in the book or diary

Make a bookmark is very simple, the main thing - to choose the form and figure out how to decorate it.

Bookmark in a book or in a diary / pinterest

Organizer for the Office

Make beautiful organizer for the Office of empty cans of coffee or milk formula. Be sure to decorate the jar with decorative tape, wrapping paper and colored cardboard.

Organizer for the Office / pinterest

Cufflinks with their hands

Pope to work wearing a shirt? Then we offer you another gift option for dad!

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