Toy for the child with his hands: soft seal made of cloth

Soft and pleasant in all respects cat will please their presence not only children but also adults. Sew this primitive, but a good and sweet cat with a daughter - it's fun and easy!

Autumn evenings are getting longer, than take childafter school, walking, groups and classes? Sew together such seals from the tissue. He will certainly a good friend to your children.

Toy for the child with his hands: soft fabric cat / open sources

To work need:

  • the cloth;
  • white felt;
  • thread (black, white, blue);
  • pencil;
  • scissors;
  • pins;
  • sewing needles;
  • sintepon;
  • Pattern.


1. Prepare basis: Cut a rectangle of cloth 2 of the same size, and fold otparte their sides facing each other in half. Connect in the center pins.

2. Attach to the pattern-based cat (departing from the edges of 5 cm). Pin it with pins and draw a pencil along the contour.

3. Cut out from the base of the rectangle with the pattern.

4. Of white felt vykroyte 2 circles for the eyes and an oval for the snout.

5. Expand rectangle and mark on the front side of the eye tissue location and faces. Lock pins circles of felt and stitch them in a circle, departing from the edge approximately about 0.3 cm.

6. Sewing thread (preferably 6 filaments) carefully embroider pupils and nose.

Toy for the child with his hands: soft fabric cat / open sources

7. Again secure rectangles pins. Stitch along the marked outline cat, leaving an opening for stuffing.

8. Cut Cat on a path, departing from the line of 1 cm.

9. Remove the product on the front side. Then otutyuzhte, fill toy synthetic padding and sew seam countersunk hole.

Toy for the child with his hands: soft fabric cat / open sources

10. Of white felt vykroyte 2 mouse silhouette, sew them on the front side, departing from the edge of 0.3 cm.

11. Of thread floss make a ponytail. They also embroider eyes.

12. Tie the mouse by the tail to the cat's muzzle. All is ready!

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