How to make a gift to the teacher with his own hands: 5 original ideas

Gifts made with their own hands - a unique, always very individual, they are charged with heat.

Bouquet of flowers

Very cute gift! And to make it really easy. Cut the paper daisy (can be multi-layered) and glue in the middle of a flower photo of the child. Anchoring stem Daisies on - floral wire and "planting" in the pot with the rest of the bouquet.

The pot can be put erasers, candy, pencils, paper clips - office stuff not much happens in the school!

Bouquet of flowers / pinterest

Bouquet of sweets

Simple is an interesting artifact. Add the sweet buds resulting in a composition as described above or in a bouquet with fresh flowers.

Bouquet of sweets / pinterest

Bunch of pencils

This option is ideal as a gift the teacher Drawing - as stalks for paper buds appear simple and colored pencils.

Bunch of pencils / pinterest

Cake of school supplies

Elegant gift for the new academic year - an unusually elegant set of Office. For the basics, "cake", you will need 3 round boxes, and as the "cream" will use paint, markers, tubes of glue and putty, clay, colored paper, and erasers.

Cake of school supplies / pinterest

cool calendar

On the Internet you can find a billet for photo calendars, which can be done in a graphics program and print to a print shop. What will happen on the pages? Of course, your favorite students with smiles and wishes for the holidays marked on the calendar!

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