Short poems for children about St. Nicholas Ukrainian and Russian languages

St. Nicholas Day - one of the most favorite holidays of Ukrainian children. Traditionally, it is believed that St. Nicholas brings presents to kiddies on the night of 18 on December 19. He puts them under the pillow or in boots. Among children, it is the custom to write letters to St. Nicholas and tell him poems. Learn with your baby a short poem about St. Nicholas Russian or Ukrainian language.

St. Nicholas Day - December holidays, which helps the child adjust to the New Year's atmosphere.


Poem about St. Nicholas IN RUSSIAN LANGUAGE

* * *
On the day of St. Nicholas

All dreams come true.
And the bed is not filled,
you look under the pillow:
If you find there a gift,
This - the best sign.
Will you be lucky vivid,
Forget you're talking about fear.

* * *
In St. Nicholas Day

To give gifts,
The families of all the good willing
The brightest impressions.
To trials and tribulations
By the house passed,
On the planet of all nations
the world's only living together.

* * *
How quiet, quiet ...

Snow edge.
And there, in the distance, to

if ak
The rescue Nikolai
To all who believe in a miracle.
And you, my friend,
Do not be upset.
Come to the aid of Nicholas!


* * *
unprecedented miracles

He is known in all the earth,
And on the day of St. Nicholas
Gifts waiting for us in his boot.
Let heaven Wonderworker
From any troubles you store,
need a way to open up,
Luck, happiness reward!

St. Nicolas day
On the day of St. Nicholas
I lit a candle,
And resorting to the holy
I know - get help!
Because our Prelate
child brings joy,
Behind him as the Savior
Children in the Father's house is.

St Nicholas
Look under the pillow -
There is a present find,
From St. Nicholas
Mercy shall come great!
On the feast of the wonders
Open our eyes,
To be happy we were
And to love each other.


Poem about St. Nicholas on the UKRAINIAN LANGUAGE

Holy Mikolaj
Across the field, through the grove
yde to dіtok Mikolaj.
In bіlesenkіy torbintsі
vіn Nese for vsіh gostintsі.
(M. Ponomarenko)

Holy Mikolay
Holy Mikolay,
Come to us of heaven,
Bring us Dari
Cutaneous to bet.
Tsukerki smachnenkі,
Buns puhkenkі,
Knizhechok bagato
Chitat the saints.
(M. Pіdgіryanka)

* * *
Od St. Nicholas

I darunochka check,
Not all chairs nіchku ochі,
Bo nobility yaky vіn want.
(M. Tsybenko)

Until the day of Mikolaj
If frozen rіchka
The I becoming bіlenkim gai,
Priyshov the Dark nіchku
Mikolaj on the ground!
Vіn in shaptsі-nevidimtsі,
In teplіm Kozhushko
Prinіs usіm gostintsі
In charіvnіm mіshku!


Holy Father, Mikolaj!
My hut is not Meany!
Given Meni potіhu
The I Torbina, Povny smіhu,
Of I Health Protection for the country,
Red share for Vkraїni!
(IN. Bagіrova)

On the holy Nicholas
I St. Nicholas,
Duzhe Duzhe good-know.
Vіn on holy in chobіtok
For sluhnyanih dіtochok
Got in svoїy torbintsі
Naypriєmnіshі gostintsі.
(M. Parkhomenko)

Vіtannya day of Mikolaj
Od hatinki to hatinki
Walk Mikolaj -
Kozhushok Charivny,
Sribna beard.
Vіn Nese darunki
Dіtochkam Malim
The I amour daruє
Ukraїntsyam vsіm!

Yde in kozhusі Mikolaj
Chervonіyut snіgurі
On snіgu pid lipoyu.
Yde in kozhusі Mikolaj,
Already snіzhok poripuє.
Zupinivsya in dvorі,
Rozv'yazav torbinku,
Nashіy babі snіgovіy
Pov'yazav hustinku.
(L. Talalay)

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