Runny nose in a child: how to cure?

cold - the most unpleasant symptom of a cold baby, due to which the baby is suffering day and night.

Often, parents are beginning to drip vasoconstrictive drops that allow the child to breathe freely, but such drops do not cure. Before you - the simple steps that will help your child quickly overcome the cold.

Follow room temperature

  • follow in order to maintain the temperature in the flat about 18-20 degrees;
  • try every day to do wet cleaning in the apartment;
  • ventilate the apartment several times a day;
  • Dress your child in pajamas made of natural fabrics.

Moisturize the mucous membrane of the nose of the child

Lift the baby's chin and drip 1-2 drops of vasoconstrictive drops in each nostril.

Runny nose in a child: how to cure? /

A few minutes later, when the child will breathe much easier, drip 3 drops of saline solution, or drops based on sea water, and ask your child to blow his nose.

Repeat the procedure.

When the nozzle is free to lubricate the two nostrils vegetable oil (or rosehip oil, sea buckthorn). This procedure will remove the remnants of mucus and protects the nozzle from moisture loss.

Use only approved medication

From the first day child's illness Sinupret give your child based on medicinal herbs. According to the instructions dilute it in water and let the child three times a day.

If a baby is infected and you cold, Sinupret will help you cope with unpleasant symptoms. Follow the instructions and take the medicine at the outset of the disease.

desoldering baby

This is a very important point! Try to drink copiously toddler to mucous did not dry. Poite plain water at room temperature, and even better - to prepare compote dried fruit. It is not only delicious, but also very useful!

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