Whooping cough, chicken pox, measles and other "children" of the disease in adults: how to protect yourself

Why is whooping cough, chicken pox, measles and other "children" are increasingly picked up by adult disease? The more dangerous the disease and how to protect yourself?

One of the causes of "growing up" childhood infections - the refusal of vaccinations in childhood. In the 80s, many parents refuse to vaccinate children. As a result of increased generation, having no protection to these diseases. Sometimes the "fault" feature of the immune system. Ie vaccination done, but the immune system is not developed to an adequate response to it.

The problem in the fact that not all infections formed immunity. For example, after a vaccination against whooping cough develop antibodies that can fight it, but do not form the so-called "memory cells". Over time, the antibodies are derived from the body. And in 5-7 years a person again becomes susceptible to the pathogen.

What is the danger?

"Baby" infections transmitted by airborne droplets, contagious and spread quickly. For example, the measles virus, which allocates sick, very mobile. They travel in a staircase and enter through the ventilation system. A man who lives on the 1st floor, is able to infect those who live on the 8-9 th!

Measles, mumps and other infections in adults are often more severe than in children, and give complications. For example, measles can lead to pneumonia, mumps - to pancreatitis, and rubella, if it picks up a pregnant woman - cause pathology of the fetus. So it is better to avoid infection. A more effective vaccine for this purpose so far nothing has been invented.

Whooping cough, chicken pox, measles and other "children" of the disease in adults / istockphoto.com

warning signs

Know your Enemy face. Of course, the diagnosis - the task of the physician. However, there are symptoms that can not be ignored.

1. Rashes on the skin. Cheerleaders should any rash. Small reddish or pink (measles and rubella) or in the form of bubbles the size of a pinhead (chickenpox).

2. Parotid glands. The characteristic symptom of mumps - "pig." When probing the neck, moving or even swallowing a person experiences pain.

3. Fever, headache. Any disease that is accompanied by fever, rash and one of the three symptoms (rhinitis, conjunctivitis and cough), gives reason to suspect measles.

4. Lingering cough. Long paroxysmal cough can be a symptom of whooping cough.

Whooping cough, chicken pox, measles and other "children" of the disease in adults / istockphoto.com

How to protect yourself?

If you are not ill with childhood infections or missed vaccination, then at any time you can get vaccinated. Find out what infection have been moved as a child, and which are not, this will help you a blood test for antibodies.

How to protect your child? The first vaccination against measles, mumps, rubella, and children are doing in 1 year, revaccination - 6 years. Vaccine Pertussis held together with diphtheria and tetanus - trisubstituted in 2, 4 and 6 months revaccination - 18 months. Vaccinated against chickenpox are doing before entering Kindergarten.

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