What diseases reduce intelligence?

Intelligence - a tool that allows you to make a discovery, make the right choice to make a decision - the right person at this stage of life. At high load occurs psycho-emotional intelligence depletion ...

Whether there are at the outbreak of the mind, or vice versa - decay? Yes, with high psycho-emotional stress observed depletion of mental activity. Reduced mental processes such as memory, attention, thinking.

Therefore, if the overload themselves with work, not sleep at 2 days in a row, clarity of mind will be less.

The relationship between intelligence and age

Alas, many people over 30 years of brain capillaries are stagnation. This means that the power deteriorated cortex, reduced cerebral performance. - was to be lost and the quality of the mind.

What diseases reduce intelligence? / pixabay.com

Diseases provocateurs

Can reduce intelligence:

  • endocrine disease
  • infectious diseases
  • liver disease and other digestive organs, when the inflammation process goes intoxication (poisoning) organism.

For example, parents often turn to psychologists complained of the fact that their son or daughter become inattentive, worse memorize new material, are impeded. Often it turns out that these children have a dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract.

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