Top 5 Educational books for children aged 0 to 3 years old: my mother's note

To children to develop properly and harmoniously he needs a book, but not limited to stories, poems or nursery rhymes. What kind of books for children from 0 to 3 years, will help him to grow and develop new skills?

The modern book market is replete with a variety of children's books for all tastes and budgets, from inexpensive cartons for kids to encyclopedias and vimmelbuhov for older children. Editorial Kolobok.uaI gathered for you the top 5 needs to develop books for children 0 to 3 years.


Tactile books.For the little ones the perfect option would be a soft book with different developing elements. It can be different textures of fabric, beads, zippers, Velcro parts or buttons. Tactile books are ideal for sensory development, they are great develop motor skills, memory, attention, help the crumbs to remember the basic colors. This book can be purchased, and can be ordered from any masters hendmeyda, then you will have the opportunity to choose their favorite books and content elements. Prices are different, it all depends on the number of pages and content developing books.

Books with moving elements. Books with moving elements - a real godsend for parents. If you need a short time to take a toddler - is ideal. They are relevant for the kids after a year, on thick cardboard pages big bright pictures and a little text, but the main secret of the fact that the details in the book may come to life and change, if a little twist. Publishers produce books like the whole series, there are also stories, and there are books that teach the crumbs assume distinguish colors and seasons.

Laptop with windows.Books with a secret love the kids, regardless of the subject matter. At every turn of a book hidden leaf, behind which there is additional information or image. Such books are relevant for children over one and a half years, while it is interesting to look for the so-called windows and open them, and not to tear or chew on the book. On the Ukrainian market there is a whole series of books on various subjects: the underwater world, space, animals, the human body, as well as different fairy tales and stories. Finding and opening all the windows, the book does not get tired of the baby, because it has a lot of useful and interesting information.


Vimmelbuhi.Vimmelbuhi appeared in the Ukrainian market relatively recently and for many parents such books a rarity, since they have no text. Vimmelbuk - a book, a picture with a lot of small parts and components that will help to compose their individual stories of heroes. It all depends on the imagination and imagination.

Vimmelbuhi grow along with the baby, because at first he could just show the bright pictures and name objects, and then come up with entertaining stories, ask to count objects or specify the differences, and when the child grows up, it will come up and tell her the picture the story itself. There are theme of the book devoted to, for example, Christmas and New Year, it will be a wonderful gift to the baby under the pillow on St. Nicholas Day.

Training aids. For older kids, you can purchase the educational benefits that will not only entertain your baby, but also to teach. There is a special album for the development of speech, with nursery rhymes, patters and special tasks that will help your child quickly and speak correctly. In addition, there is a benefit to help a child learn to draw, cut, glue, make application. Such benefits are available in small format books or magazines, in the pages that can be painted or glued. they recommended for joint activities with parents and designed for a specific age depends on the complexity of the tasks.

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