What can be made of old newspapers and magazines: Ideas for the house and interior

In many countries there is a tradition to throw out before the new year everything was "unnecessary", but often unnecessary thing - excellent material for creative work. Find old magazines and let tinkering.

Paper page with printed text outdated reference books and magazines last year in themselves have a designer look. Choose the desired shape templates, print with matching page size. Use shapes for scrapbooking, greeting cards, interior decorations.


Printed decor blends well with other textures and materials: corrugated kraft paper, linen cord, buttons, beads, crocheted motives. Such decoration is used primarily to create paintings and ornaments in vintage style.


Noteworthy is an interesting technique for creating three-dimensional shapes by folding parts of the pages in a specific order. Let bend angles, the upper and lower differently to see how the appearance of the whole shape after deployment to 360 degrees.


There are no restrictions for book sculptures. Some of them are obtained by cylindrically shaped, while others have a cross section in the form of a trapezoid, and others consist of two spheres of different diameter or bottom piece construction and individual decorative detail above, such as paper vase flowers.


If bend each in half a page or alternate between these pages with others, bent on the third, fourth, you can create a desktop organizer and original bookshelf. Colored book cover also an element of the composition. Seat shelved figure made of papier-mache, also suitable light a child's toy.


Another way to create sculptures of book - cut each stencil page. To work needed breadboard knife and carpet, as well as a lot of patience and accuracy.


Craftsmen make paper organizers, caskets and even caches for storing, cutting out the middle pages. In any case, we recommend you pay careful attention to the raw material and use only the printed products, which had been prepared for recycling.


Photos from public sources