Alphabet needlewoman: how to give new life to the old bag

Pom-poms, tassels, embroidery or beads - current decors are not counted. Get inspired by our tips, and your bag will get a chance for a new life!

To redo the old bags you will need:

  • served its compact size bag
  • remnants of a color wool yarn
  • spray paint
  • scissors
  • needle
  • sewing threads

How to convert:

1. If your bag sometimes burnt or simply wiped, this mask will help in the paint aerosols - Choose a bold color for contrast or shiny shades of gold or silver. Allow the paint to dry.
2. From the remnants of colored yarn pompoms make: all the same size, or, conversely, different - think of a solution itself (but pre-select the winning combination of yarn shades that will blend in with the color bags). Spin pompons, you can use a special plastic accessories (sold in any shop needlework), and you can do "grandmother" by cutting out the desired diameter of the rings of cardboard and wrapping them with yarn. Winding of yarn neatly cut the outer circumference. In order to gather and establish a central hub, which will keep the whole yarn pom-poms in the center, uses strong thread tight torsion.

3.Samoe responsible business - hairstyle pompons. For this is well suited great tailoring or kitchen scissors. Begins with the formation of an ideal world, removing 2-3 mm protruding ends of the yarn. Have patience: the more time you will spend for the hair, the better the result.
4. Ready pompons, place and secure the bag with a needle and strong thread in the conceived order. Sew them, for example, on top flap to securely hide broken zipper.

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