5 lazy games with your child

Sooner or later in life, even the most active and involved parent comes a time when there are no forces play with your child: Tired at work, poor health, and sometimes just a day to entertain the kid who seemingly could well take himself.

Alternatively, you can read a child a book or give an album and pencils. But what to do with the baby, if it necessarily requires your participation in the game?

1. Beauty saloon. This game is often like both girls and boys. Another would be a unique opportunity to decide what kind must have a parent. Give your child a set of rubber bands and hair pins, a simple set of cosmetics, which is not a pity - and relax. Allow your child to paint yourself you and make you hair (even if you are - male).

2. Young designer. Put monochromatic shirt, podstelil oilcloth and issue the child finger paints. Very soon you will receive a unique article of clothing design. Just be sure to discuss in advance with the baby, that a special T-shirt has been chosen for this game, and those that were left hanging in the closet, you can not touch, let them be "unadorned".

3. Guessing. Let the child will conjecture any toy or an animal. You ask leading questions and try to guess what he put forth. For example: "This is something yellow?", "This is something with wings?" "It's something out of a cartoon?". Usually children like adults to ask questions and guessed, because the kids themselves quickly running out of patience, and they require a parent the right answer.

4. Homemade comic book with their favorite characters. If the baby has a favorite cartoon, offer to come up with new adventures for his characters and draw them together. Important here is not your artistic talent, of course, and the opportunity to create a new story together. Ask a theme, such as "One FLASH lost in an unfamiliar city. He drove down the street - and who met "- sure to pick up the baby. Let it be anything: a squirrel met and climbed with it then the trees, met police and went with him on a fishing trip, do not try to cram a new story in some frames. Suggests the idea, if the baby is stuck, help to draw and write phrases for the characters. Time will fly by, and your fatigue as a hand lift.

5. Draw a letter. If your child already knows the letters, he knows how to write and form words, ask them to work out on your back. Parent lies on a sofa in the abdomen, the baby finger "writes" on the back of a letter or a word - and you need to guess what it is "written" baby. Make it easy, but do not have to move at all.

Remember that even the most "lazy" situations, there are ways to pay child time and do not add to the fatigue feeling guilty for once again included cartoons.

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