Cheap and cheerful: make yarn out of old T-shirts knitted

Yarn for knitting today is not cheap. Large strands and does cost a pretty penny. What if you make a yarn from the materials at hand, for example, of the old knitted T-shirts? How? See below in the detailed master class.

Yarn of old T-shirts is perfect for crochet or large spokes. From her make rugs, Stand under the hot and litter on the chairs.


You will need:

  • old knitted T-shirt large size. From it easier to make yarn, than from a small T-shirt;
  • scissors.

Step 1 - Take a T-shirt. Cut the lower edge and an upper portion: the line from the armpit to the armpit.


step 2 - fold one side portion to the other, departing 2-3 cm. So that one end protrudes.


step 3 - the second time the material fold in half. One edge and further acts.

step 4 - you have to decide in what diameter yarn need: depends on the thickness of the cuts. Note that when pulling out - strips will decrease. To obtain a sufficiently thick "thread" wide strips should be at least 2.5 cm.


step 5 - make cuts across the fabric convolution. You can not touch the edge of the speaker.


step 6 - expand the material. The uncut portion of t-shirts to make a "thread" continuous.


step 7 - put it on your hand or on bank uncut portion of T-shirts. You should see well already made cuts.


step 8 - make cuts diagonally from the notch of the first row - to the second, from the second - the third and so on.


step 9 - Now, expand the jersey. You need to get a few meters of continuous yarn.


step 10 - drag strip to get the thread.


The new yarn is ready! Before working roll it into a ball.


These are the products obtained from yarn.


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