Alphabet needlewoman: how to use old linens

Probably, many housewives are asking, "What to do with old linens?" Do not rush to throw out or to let him on the cloth. Use your imagination, old linen could turn into an interesting gadgets for the home.

How to breathe in pillowcases, duvet covers and sheets with the "history" of a second life? We offer 10 ideas for creativity.


laundry bag

It's very simple: we sew from old pillowcases rectangular bag, and dress him round embroidery hoop large diameter. They can be purchased at any store for needlework.


beautiful bracelets

For such an accessory will suit any old cloth, cut into shreds with a beautiful print. After weave rags together, dress buckle, and decorate decorations.


Envelope or Pouch fabric

From the old bed linen, you can create a beautiful envelope. For example, for photos, or make it for more, and will cover for the tablet.



Any holiday goes by without a feast. And for a beautiful table setting need napkins. Here it is just and useful old pillowcases and sheets.


Case for clothes

Just carve out an old blanket cover two long rectangles, sew them together and make a groove for the hook on the hanger. Such a case will securely protect your clothes.



Curtains, made in the technique of patchwork, will be an excellent interior decoration. To make them need different pieces of fabric that are sewn together.


Bag for products

A great accessory for trips to the store, which is not hard to do with their hands. For this you need only two patterns that are sewn together.


Kitchen towels

Old bedding is possible not only to start up on cloth, but also use more functional. For example, make an interesting hand towels.


Box for small items

Why throw away the box, if they can decorate cloth. Box for small things always come in handy in the house.


Decorative pillows

It can be cut, such as an apple from an old pillowcase and fill it with synthetic padding. This will be a great decoration for home interiors.


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