Top 5 games on the sound perception for the youngest children

Many parents do not notice just how magically mesmerizing effect on kids rustling sounds. We offer you to play with diversified one paper for young children who develop excellent perception and attention

It is worth to you a little poshurshat ordinary piece of paper or a simple tea bags - and attentionbaby guaranteed! Experts note that it is important to show your child is still in its infancy, that everything plays and sings! And that even ordinary things have their own unique voice and sound.

Music and rhythm are living in ordinary things

Little "shurshunchik" very easy to make yourself. Take an ordinary piece of paper or a bag, add to it a little imagination, and they will sing, Noise and zashurshat millions of sounds!

For maximum shurshunchika suitable plastic bag rustling. He cut into stripes, and then sealed with adhesive tape on the tip in narrow schepotochku. In the future, the tail will help to develop the tenacity of fingers, the grasping function of the child.

But until he is six months to do better

shurshunchik of ribbons, simple braid. This soft toy attached rezinochkoy on the handle or on foot. The child will try to see her, to grab. Then it is to get acquainted with shurshunchikom closer. After all, he knows how to laugh, loud whisper, walk, fly, dance and hide.... But most of all he likes to whisper in the silence.

The idea of ​​the sounding of the world by the German composer and pedagogue Carl Orpah. Music - is the basis for connecting with the movement, singing, playing and improvisation. According to his theory, rhythm and speech - part of a unified whole. From the sense of rhythm and articulation depends, and speech clarity. Due to the rhythm ordered verbal impressions, develops coordination of movements.

Rustling paper and sing nursery rhymes

The main impetus for the development of musical and rhythmic perception of a young child is a human voice, so parents need not only to talk with the crumbs, but be sure to sing expressively read poems. Very suitable folk songs - melodic and simple. And it is a kind of co-creation can be born into this collaborative game - the child will try to sing along my mother repeated her actions, and will continue to own and fantasize.

Include also the sounds of nature - the sound of water, forests, singing birds, dolphins, heart beat.

Between music and speech a lot in common, because any sounds as well as speech, audible to human ears. Proved that if early childhood parents do not pay enough attention to the development of musical and rhythmic perception of her baby, then that less developed sense of rhythm and auditory memory. These kids do not like and do not know how to sing, they have no desire to listen to and make music themselves. All the wealth and diversity of sounds merges them into noise, do not bring joy. Do not let it!

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