TOP-11 educational games for children from 1 to 2 years

That mom gives year-old child in the direction of the game. Emotional contact with her mother and her love helps crumbs correctly and develop harmoniously. Mom's warm teaches baby to see, think, feel, speak!

Developing activities and games with my mother for a child aged 1-2 years contribute to its harmonious, comprehensive development. The task of mothers - to praise, to guide and support the baby. It is important to teach him to be himself, instead of doing so instead of the child.

Mom to be during developmental classes:

Play educational games aimed at the development of visual and auditory orienting reactions to the presence of an adult near him. Promote the emergence of the baby action.

Achievements of children 1-2 years

The kid has matured to think and to move forward, to explore the world increasingly active, therefore he will need new games and challenges. Able to operate with objects the baby becomes a special position in relation to an adult. The former, purely emotional communication is relegated to the background. He needed to do something by yourself or with an adult. This means that the crumbs constantly need new items and toys, new communication.

Child like actions with objects, therefore, educational games for children 1 year can be carried out among the other children. Playing with mom kids will feel more confident, it is important to watch the other children play with their toys.

TOP-11 educational games for children from 1 to 2 years /

Educational games for children from 1 year to 2 years

Mom should be on developing classes to teach the child a variety of simple actions - manipulation of objects, educational toys. The full development of a child depends on a positive emotional contact with my mother, do not forget to hug and caress the child.

  • Put in a crib full of toys to the child. Let them consider it, then take a toy and drop it on the floor. The rest, he threw himself. After the game again fold toys.
  • Let toys will have a basket, teach baby to pull out and put back the objects, prompting them to examine and remove.
  • Give the hands of a child rings on a wooden pyramid. Show them how to put on the web. Learn to shoot and wear rings.
  • Play with your food toys, ask them to press on the toy, so she made the sound.
  • Educational toys box, "sorter". Show your child how to put things into holes.

Educational activities with mom can be carried out with the toys that you have at home at your fingertips. The kid can shove various items in a saucepan, cover to try different sizes, banging a spoon on the table. Thus, the crumb develop their perception and starts to understand that different objects are arranged in different ways and require different modes of action.

  • Build houses out of blocks, turrets, break and build again.
  • Lay the baby multiple jars or kastryulek with easy-open lids, they can add up to some toys and items. The kid will have to pull out the contents of their jars, put them back again. Ask the cook porridge or soup. You can give supervised fasolinki, peas.
  • Keep playing with balls. Sit in front of the baby, and rolled his ball. Let him learn to crawl behind a ball.
  • Show your child igrushechku, to shift a toy from one hand, and then tighten both fists. Ask the baby: "Which hand?"
  • Sew colorful bags and fill them with grains. Let the kid touches them. It develops his tactile sensations.
  • Learn to ride toys - rolling (machine, animal)
  • Show how to play with a wooden frame - liners. Kid playing with a frame, will develop the motor skills of hands, coordination, spatial and logical thinking and memory.
  • An adult can knock on the drum, pozvenet bell rattles with different sounds, play in the nursery flute. The child has to guess where the sound.
  • On developing employment continued to hug, kiss and fondle her baby, because he still needs your love and attention.

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