How to sew mittens from old sweaters: the second life of old things

Everyone in the closet there is a sweater that throw a pity, and it is impossible to wear. He is either a small or worn out in some places. We can give it a second life, making it a comfortable mittens. How? See below.

You can take a sweater with a large number of drawings and then you come out bright mittens. You can also decorate the mittens with embroidery or buttons.


You will need:

• wool sweater (at least 80% wool, but preferably 100%);
• marker or soap to trace;
• scissors;
• thread color sweaters;
• needle;
• button, buttons, or other accessories.


Step 1 - preparation
To start wash sweater at a high temperature, it is possible to "sat." So the thread is snug and does not miss the cold. Allow it to dry completely.

Step 2 - preparing the material
Remove the sweater inside out, place it on a flat surface. Circle your hand marker or soap. Leave extra two centimeters on the perimeter of the gloves.

Step 3 - Cut
Cut a mitten. Secure the edges with pins.


Step 4 - sew mitten
Sew mitten hand or with a sewing machine. Cut off the excess fabric.

Step 5 - decorate
If you choose to decorate the mittens with embroidery or buttons.


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