What is a game-lacing and what they do

Tying - a training manual, a wooden or plastic dostochka with laces, which helps the child to explore the world, develop fine motor skills and coordination of movements

Lace-up - it's a training allowance, by which young researchers will learn a lot about the world. These toys are designed for children from 2 years. Playing with lacing-tablet and colorful details in the form of a bus, star, ball or boat, as well as bright laces, kid learns to string parts, and later - on their own to tie shoelaces and sewing buttons.

Choose lace and connect shapes with pictures!

Lace-up - it's a great tool to prepare the child for school.

Combine different geometric shapes with suitable illustrations decorate a tree with apples, attach the clothes with the help of cords to the animal or human. Praise the young researcher for the fact that he so deftly fastened parts colored textile ropes to the base.

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Language development of Montessori

Catching up with their parents a new interesting work on the Montessori method (involving both hands and speech centers), kids happy to come up with stories and practice in oral speech. Try to write together the history of each of the 4 pictures, the details of which need prishnurovat, crumbs and ask where he was going the bus or who sails in a boat. Teach your child to describe the objects depicted on the wooden elements.

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That develops lacing?

Lacing help the child to train fine motor skills, which is responsible for speech centers. Bright figures allow a small ranger to learn more about the surrounding objects and their properties. In carrying out the laces, pipsqueak learns to distinguish color and shape, belonging this or that detail the animal, man, structure, and so.

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