5 masterpiece of old sweaters

Editorial kolobok.ua It had a special weakness for people who know how to turn something icky - to perfect. For us, they are akin to Harry Potter, but instead of a magic wand at them - needles, crochet hook, scissors, sewing machine, and even a needle and thread.

Thanks to such creative needle women our valiant team shares ideas on how to make 5 masterpieces of old sweaters. We will turn completely new and absolutely practical things. So, take a knitted sweater that you already listed as a thing of "junk", armed with scissors and create with us.



Take your favorite hat as a model for the pattern. Now attach it near the hem of her sweater and cut two identical halves. Ready? Now these halves left to sew. Hat is ready!



Just circle the two paintings (or a cloth, folded in half) sweaters every hand - the right and left. Be sure to leave 1-2 cm for seams and space to gloves it was comfortable to wear. Sew and wear with pleasure.

Lampshade for a lamp or floor lamp


Cut off the sleeves sweater and collar. Now pull the sweater on a lamp shade, leaving 3-5 cm at the top. This part of the lock (thread or silicone adhesive) on the inner side of the lamp. Lampshades can now change per day if you want.

Wrapper for gift


Cut a strip of sweaters, sheathe the edge and decorate this box decorated with a surprise. As an option - fashionable sweater to wrap the entire gift.

"Clothes" for flower vases


The course will sleeves and neck of a sweater-golf. Measure the desired length "clothes" for the size of the pot, cut the necessary part on the sleeves and obtyanite pot. The edges can be bent inward and attach to the flower pots with hot silicone glue. Voila!

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