I soromlyus Svoge tіla-6: the threat carries cholesterol

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Valery Oslavsky conducted an experiment and interviewed passers-by that they are aware of cholesterol.

Valery Oslavsky ascertain whether Ukrainians are aware of the threat carries cholesterol. As it turned out, few people aware that cholesterol is not dangerous by itself, the whole thing in his numbers. It is composed of special proteins of lipoproteins.

One high-density lipoprotein, also called "good cholesterol". There is also a low-density lipoprotein, or "bad". It is the second type carries cholesterol throughout the body, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

What we eat has a direct impact on the level of good and bad cholesterol.

Increase good cholesterol:

  • crops
  • pulse
  • vegetables and fruits
  • Omega-3 fatty acids that are found in marine fish
  • vegetable oils
Ill also contribute to:
  • Saturated (animal) fats
  • transfats

WHO called on to 2023 to abandon the use of trans fats. They are contained in cakes, candies, chips, in cheap dairy products. To feel good and be healthy, it is important to know about the food pyramid, as well as to adhere to a healthy diet dish.

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