The child will be thrilled: do improvised fossilized skeletons of dinosaurs

Young paleontologists definitely like to study fossils of dinosaurs that look exactly like the real thing!

Organize excavations can own at home, if you spend a little preparatory work. How to make this educational material and please the child, read our article.

What is needed:

  • Large metal or plastic container.
  • Kinetic sand.
  • Action figures dinosaurs.
  • Water.
  • Gypsum.
  • Brushes.

How to make?

1. Find box - metal or plastic. Suitable, for example, a box of biscuit. Pour into it the sand and spread over the entire container. Then place the dinosaurs figures in various sizes and push them so that they are sunk in the sand by about 50%.

mamabook / open sources

2. Carefully, without touching the sand, remove the dinosaurs. Fingerprints remain. If their definition is insufficient, repeat the first step again.

mamabook / open sources

3. The prints pour little water and gypsum mixture. You can buy an ordinary plaster for creativity or use the means at hand, the same plaster.

mamabook / open sources

4. Wait for the plaster has dried, at least 4:00. Now turn your tank. Take a brush, call your child and start excavating!

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