Bon appetit: what to feed the baby on vacation

Winter holidays - a favorite time for students, after, of course, the summer holidays. After all, in these days of so much entertainment, from Christmas fun at the Christmas tree and ending with endless gifts and visits to the guests.

But in all this festive euphoria parents for a minute do not stop to think about how to make sure that the child fully I ate in those days, when the habitual diet of the family abruptly changed course in the direction towards the festive salad, jellied meat and cakes. What to cook, to make it, and tasty, and useful?



Scientists from Germany have shown that children who skip breakfast are more prone to weight gain and are less successful in their studies. Therefore, the child should eat in the morning without fail. Nutritionists also advise for the morning meal to use products such as fruits, grains and dairy products. They are the most helpful in the morning.

What's cooking?

  • Oatmeal with fruit or cereal - is ideal. The child does not like this combination? Then prepare a separate mess and separate fruit salad with honey or maple syrup.
  • Pancakes, cheesecakes, cheese quiches - these dishes are unique in that they can be prepared the night before. Or rather do, "semi-finished", for example, forming the cheesecakes to bake or fry in the morning.
  • Scrambled eggs with vegetables or an omelette in a bun - is also a great option for breakfast. Can supplement their vegetable salads.

That it is better not to offer?

  • Do not offer courses in the morning that your child does not like. Otherwise, all useful to turn to the hated for it.
  • Also better to give up sandwiches with salami or sausages. Saturate they saturate, but the health benefits will not be any.
  • Nutritionists advise to refuse breakfast cereal from stores. Too much sugar and flavors make this product extremely safe for children.



The first, second and compote? Scientists have found that the soup every day is not so useful. But this does not apply to children - the younger smart guy and good girl first hot meal for lunch optional.

Great if the house has multivarka, then the child will be able to eat soup, even if the mother is in the lunch will be at work. Couple to the soup or borscht cook any meat or fish dish with a side dish.

What's cooking?

  • For first courses, select "Winter" options for soups, for example, with dumplings, meatballs. There will also be a good first dishes with peas, barley, buckwheat, cream-soup of carrots, pumpkins, cauliflower with croutons.
  • Nourishing borscht soup is better to replace the vegetable broth and boil the meat separately and add the child to the plate. Nutritionists argue that this ideal of borscht, which is easily absorbed by the body without causing problems with digestion.
  • Meatballs, patties (from the oven or steamer), baked fish or a piece of meat - is something that can be fed with cereal or vegetable salad after the first.
  • Fresh salad or sauerkraut, salad, boiled beets - options seasonal vegetable garnishes.
  • Also, let them in the house is always worth a pitcher of uzvar - this is one of the most useful winter drinks. He will become a vitamin "treasure trove" homemade.



The fact that the evening meal should be light, nutritionists agree and against children. Therefore, for dinner it is possible to prepare a child that is not fat, and preferably without meat.

What's cooking?

  • Dishes of cottage cheese, milk porridge, steamed vegetables - these dishes are, according to nutritionists, contribute to the production of melatonin, which makes you want to sleep. So, the next day the baby will be rested and slept!
  • Dairy products - yogurt, kefir, sourdough - should be daily in the evening diet. Since they contribute to the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Dried fruits - apples, raisins, dried apricots - help to overcome the craving for sweets and will become an alternative to cookies from the store.

Of course, these are just general tips and advice on how to organize vacations baby food. Because every baby is unique and it has its own food preferences, which should listen each mother.

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