Bizibordy for children: yes or no

All children love to open cabinets and pans; press the buttons on the control panels; turn on and off lights and much more. Why not allow them to such entertainment, without fear for their safety?

Bizibord - is developing a board for children, which contains a lot of buttons, snaps, clicks, beads and other items.
In the most Montessori there is no concept "bizibord for children", but you can see a stand with snaps, buckles and various Circuits opening and closing. If you look at examples bizibordov Montessori method in a store or on the Internet, you can see that they are often created without taking into account the child's needs and its features. Let us now discuss in detail - whether to buy or not bizibord.

Bizibordy for children: yes or no /

1. At what age can play bizibord? This benefit for older children a year, since it is from this age kids begin to explore the world through the hands.

2. On biziborde missing insulation purpose. If the goal - to open the lock, it is not necessary to immediately attach the velcro and beads. And for unzipping, Velcro or buttons, it is better to use ordinary clothes. Large colorful bizibordy distract the baby from his brightness activities.

3. And yet - in the insulation is missing biziborde complexity. For the year-old child is still difficult to tie shoelaces, but pressing the various buttons and various turntables - it is very easy.

Bizibordy for children: yes or no /

In conclusion we can say that yes, this toy will still be part of the baby develop motor skills, but perform tasks for the development of self-reliance or concentration, which directed the Montessori method, it can not. This game is a 100% interest of the child, but pretty soon the baby will be just playing with the board, not doing half the job for which it is usually bought and bizibord.

Therefore, we recommend to find a more economical version of the exercises, which can be found in practical life: cook with your child in the process of cooking a variety of open cans; train baby in undoing and buttoning of locks on your clothes or attach to the playpen baby any kind of padlock. Around us there are so many different possibilities for the development of your child, you only take a closer look!

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