The Second Life of mirrors and computer disks: a master class

Economical use, ecology consumption - trends in the developed world. There's share became unnecessary things into categories and using new technologies is processed so that you'll never guess what it was originally.

We picked up a few, in our opinion, useful ideas miraculous transformations of mirrors and mirror surfaces (computer disks). Just note: Do not use a broken mirror, after all, Feng Shui recommends to immediately throw away the pieces, although it says nothing about the mirror computer disks.


For decoration we use natural materials, such as saw cut branches. The circles must be of uniform thickness (about 0.5 - 1 cm) and different diameters. Stick them synthetic glue along the contour of mirror, if desired, cover the stain and varnish.

Beautiful frame is obtained from imported sea shells and pebbles. This finishing material is quite heavy, so stick decor will be in a horizontal position, waiting for a firm connection.


You can not stick anything and take the stained glass or acrylic paint and draw directly on the surface of flowers, butterflies and floral ornament. With the help of white acrylic paint draw geometric pattern imitating a mosaic mirror tiles, whereas in fact it is a large one-piece round mirror!

The frame can be set up using a rope to a mirror in a nautical style. Car enthusiasts will appreciate the creative frame of children's patterns: toys must be placed on the outer edge of the mirror, and after gluing golden acrylic cover.


With the help of mirrors can transform old furniture. To do this, you need to paint the surface of the paint for wood, glue the mirror to the facades of the strip. Handles should also pick up other, carefully bolted to the mirror is not broken up.


Unnecessary computer drives also have a smooth surface, but in the handling much easier mirrors, easy to bend and cut. Of these, you can prepare a mosaic mirror tiles and make the ball club, decorate a flower pot or any other surface, simply pasting pieces of the puzzle.

To color mosaic was previously attach the disks images from magazines, cut out pieces of the same size 1,5h1,5 cm rassortiruem color and glue. The voids between the elements fill the usual construction putty, wipe off the excess. After drying cover the surface of two layers of acrylic lacquer.


Of the disks can make mirror clock, this would require the old clockwork. Reflecting the effect of the mirror surface gives extra brightness to create a candlestick. Bedplate is made of a disk, the contour as well glue decorative glass stones.


Circular mosaic is useful for the manufacture of jewelry, decorative collar, gift boxes, clutches, Christmas balls. Whole disks can be used as coasters under glasses, glasses.


The computer genius room would be appropriate shade of the drives connected to conventional paper clips. Bright and unusual looks guitar decorated with mosaics. A girl can store jewelry on the organizer of the drive. This material is much safer to use than the present mirror, and it is better to use for creativity with the children.