Top 11 games of crayons for the development of fine motor skills, imagination, memory

You think crayons are suitable only to draw? And here and there! How many useful exercises and fun games for the kids, you can come up with them, like, not only kids, but also young people!

Drawing baby has not really given. But messing with crayons him very interesting. We use them as a masseur and trainer for fingers. Note: (there are triangular now on sale, especially suitable for children) for these purposes are best suited pencils with faces rather than round and smooth.

Pencils development of fine motor skills

  1. Pencil lying on a table. The child should touch him alternately every finger. First with his right hand and then left. The task can be complicated, naming fingers then left, then right hand. Let us check: whether the baby does not go astray?
  2. Pencil vertically put between the hands and gently rolled on the fingertip to the wrist and back. You should start slowly and then accelerate.
  3. Now we press pencil vertically fist - so that the upper portion protruded from the top. Use your thumb to gently tap the pointed tip, pushing the pencil down. And now the other hand, push back up. And repeat.
  4. Put a pencil on the table. Ask your child to palm roll it back and forth across the table. First one arm, then the other. Then let him try to ride with both hands at the same time two pencils.

  5. Kid presses a hand to a blank sheet of paper, and the other describes the outline of the palm, wrist and each finger. The task - to try to do so by a single line, without lifting the pencil from the paper.

  6. It will take a very short pencil stub: baby tight squeezes his fist as if trying to hide. Can not see? Then repeat with the other hand.

  7. Skill Required: Pencil need to take over the blunt end. And keep upright with three fingers: index, middle and large. Gently roll the fingertips, move the pencil down to the tip. Well, then just lift up.

Top 11 games of crayons, which will be pleased even the smallest /

Pencils for training memory and attention

Older children in addition to the massage exercises with crayons can offer other games: on the development of memory, imagination, and the attention.

Who will take
Scattered in random order on a table or mat 20-30 pencils. Now ask the child to the competition: who will collect faster? But you need only take one at a time and only one hand.

Who is last?
Arrange in a row 15-20 pencils. Alternately with the child take on the 1, 2 or 3 at a time. Who I got the last one and lost.

Top 11 games of crayons, which will be pleased even the smallest /

And what do you have?

Suggest to put any object or figure: house, tree, tree. The problem can complicate how many pencils should be added to turn a house into a sweet?

Job for the most accurate and patient: it is necessary to lay pencils alternately on each other, in the shape of a square, until you have a tower. Only caution: the construction is very fragile!

In what order?

Place the pencil in the box. Now let the kid will blink, and you change a few pieces in places. The task - to remember how it was.

Top 11 games of crayons, which will be pleased even the smallest /

Collect by color

If your house is a lot of different pencils in bulk, mixed with each other - this is a great opportunity to finally dismantle them! Ask your child to sort through individual cups: all shades of red, blue, green, etc. You can do it on time!

Show your child how to sharpen pencils to a conventional sharpener: will let important. And fingers will train and master useful skill: in the future it will no longer run to you every broken pencil - he himself knows all!

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