5 ideas for a refrigerator decoration: A new life of old things

It happens that the old appliances is safer and more convenient today. And throw such a good thing not a hand rises.

But look, for example, the old, battered fridge for a brand new modern kitchen, you see, is not too pleasant. How to be?

You can make it a real designer item, which will decorate any interior. And to do just enough and no large material costs. Do not believe me? Follow the recommendations of a pilot version of the site Kolobok.ua and breathe with their hands in their old fridge new life.

adhesive films


The easiest way to update the budget and fridge: it should be easy to paste over self-adhesive film, suitable for the style of a kitchen interior. If your kitchen is to strive for a country style of Provence, or choose a floral design, high-tech - geometric and kitchen in a modern style, you can decorate the urban landscape.


Films now sold a lot - plain and patterned, glossy and matte. It can be used to decorate small cracks and scratches on the refrigerator, but the presence of dents, chips, and any uneven surfaces it will take bubble



This method is good if you do not like the result, you can always repaint the refrigerator again. The downside is that this "upgrade" it takes a lot of time and effort.

However, if you do decide on a color, the first thing, the fridge needed a good wash, then slightly matt fine sandpaper. After - roll up pen masking tape, adhesive tape or wide, and get to work. Stain refrigerator can be a paint roller, causing to 5-7 layers, or via aerosol paint in the cartridge. In this case, the work goes faster.


Main prior to the application do not forget to degrease the surface with solvent or anti-silicone paint to lay down evenly. We also recommend hang surrounding objects newspapers not to splash them. When the paint dries, it can be applied to any image using a stencil and graffiti-style.



When time and money is not enough, you can decorate the fridge colored tape. The advantage is unlimited scope for creativity and the fact that this way of decorating can easily master any. Choose a tape to your liking and take action.



This option can not be called decor budget, but it looks fantastic. Another of his drawback is that to perform such work on their own are unlikely to succeed, so you need to contact a professional.


But the room for imagination is simply incredible. You can draw on the refrigerator fabric of a great artist, characters favorite movies, favorite landscape or a portrait.



This technique is now extremely popular, it is also very easy to perform. Everything you need to decoupage and a short master class you can find in stores for creativity and even on small layouts in shopping centers.

You have to choose the right style of drawing, cut, gently separate the one layer, apply Glue on the colored part and attach it to a flat, clean surface, smoothing out irregularities and folds. When the image is dry, cover the varnish refrigerator. Your design is inimitable!

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