What is a foster family

This year, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has made changes to the laws of Ukraine, which enable children in difficult situations, avoid living in state homes.

In order not to deprive children of family warmth, children who still can not adopt or take in a foster family will be able to temporarily live in the family of foster parents.


Children from the ATO. One of the main categories of children, for which changes were made to the law - the little settlers of the zone ATO. In the explanatory memorandum to the bill authors cite data changes that after the start military aggression in eastern Ukraine, a lot of evacuees from the area ATO children are currently not parents. Often, children lose contact with their families, which remained in the war zone. In addition, most of the children-orphans and children deprived of parental care, were moved to other regions without documents, and as long as they are wanted, the child can neither adopt nor take over them custody.


Children from disadvantaged families.

However, foster families can live children who do not have the status of orphan or a child without parental care (for example, from socially disadvantaged families in which the parents are going to deprive parental rights).

While the child is going to live in a foster family, the parents will bring together experts, and if moms and dads manages to transform so that they can be trusted with children, they are returned to their biological families.


Under the new law, a child can be in a foster family up to three months, in some cases - up to six months until the service make out documents for deprivation of parental rights, looking for the child's family members and decide on its status (orphans or deprived of parental guardianship). Then the child is either returned to their biological parents or given to a foster family. Living in a family of foster parents, the child has the right to communicate with their parents and other relatives, if this communication does not threaten his life, health or development.


The selection of foster parents. Foster parents will arrange a selection (as adoptive parents, they must be capable, not be registered, or be treated in a narco or mental hospital, as well as seen in the abuse of alcohol or drugs and must have a regular income). After the selection of the tutor is trained, then between them and the body of trusteeship and guardianship, parents or legal representatives of the treaty is a child. If the teacher does not fulfill obligations, the contract may be terminated.


Training of teachers and their assistants, the content of foster families will be paid from local budgets. For the maintenance of the child in such families will pay two living wages per month. In addition, foster parents and his assistant would be paid. The idea of ​​foster families in an experiment already implemented in Kyiv and Kyiv region. According to the authors of the bill, in Kiev, the cost of labor of foster parents and his assistant make up the 7040 UAH in the average. per month including taxes. In addition, when you create a family foster parents received a one-time financial assistance in the amount of 10 living wages for the creation of conditions for children.

The authors believe that the adopted amendments to the law will enable children to grow up in a family environment, and fathers and mothers overcome the crisis with the help of experts and get the opportunity to bring their own child. In turn, the state budget will benefit, since the cost of foster care are two times less than in a boarding school, and four times less than in the child's home.

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