6 genital infections that develop no symptoms

Infections that are sexually transmitted, often develop without symptoms, so go unnoticed until the critical moment.


If chlamydia is not treated, it can cause infertility, Cause inflammation of the pelvic organs, and for women in the position of disease dangerous ectopic pregnancy or premature birth.

Specific symptoms, for which a woman can detect chlamydia, a little bit. Among them, a burning sensation during urination and abnormal vaginal discharge (but the symptoms are not always present, making it difficult to diagnose).


Mycoplasma asymptomatic, but it can damage the fallopian tubes, as well as problems with fertility.

6 genital infections that develop no symptoms / istockphoto.com


Genital herpes is usually makes itself felt painful red rashes and blisters. But these symptoms are difficult to see, if formed only one red spot in the genital area, which also does not hurt.


Dangerous sexually transmitted disease, the symptoms of which too little.

Sometimes there are a burning sensation during urination, vaginal discharge, and

bleedingNot related to the menstrual cycle.


In the first stage, the virus does not manifest itself, it may take several years asymptomatic. And then the person can notice in his fever, rash, enlarged lymph nodes and sore throat.

But all these are characteristic of normal simpomy SARS.

Determine whether there is in the body of HIV infection can only be a special test. In Ukraine, you can go for free.


Diseases can be asymptomatic in the body for many years. In the running as it affects the heart, blood vessels and brain.

6 genital infections that develop no symptoms / istockphoto.com

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