To read a child in the summer: 6 interesting children's books

Remember as a child we were given a list of references for the summer, and we avidly read every work? Today's children are increasingly choosing electronic gadgets and TV. But in the summer it is possible to instill a love of reading. assembled his list of references for the summer. This 6 interesting children's books. Send the child to the country, in the village to the grandmother or the sea without Wi-Fi and gadgets. But the main thing - select it interesting reading for the journey.

To read a child in the summer? /

"The Little Mermaid 7-B," Marina Pavlenko

This book Ukrainian author tells about the adventures of semiklassnitsy Sofia. A modern fairy tale will bring a child into the world of secrets, which wants to unravel the girl. The book is written in the Ukrainian language. Children will like it for its simplicity and cool story.

"Secrets of the Cossack saber" Zirka Menzatyuk

One common family learned that the ancient and important sword must steal in order to sell abroad. Now they have to find the relic and save her. This adventure detective, written in Ukrainian language, not only captures its storyline, but also teaches us to love their native land.

"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" by Roald Dahl

This is a story about a boy Charlie, who goes to a chocolate factory, where there is a lot of magic. History shows the true values ​​of parental love and teaches thanks baby. According to the book made into a film of the same name, but the book is much more interesting Hollywood movies.

"Heidi, or Magic Valley," Johanna Spyri

It's a good story about Heidi girl who early became an orphan, forced to go to the education of their relatives. The girl is so bright and good, that quickly finds common ground with sullen grandfather. The book perfectly describes the nature of the Alps, it teaches the child compassion and goodness.

"Little Prince", Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Fantastic story-tale about a mysterious boy from another planet who happened upon the pilot in the desert. The child talks about his adventures, impregnated extraordinary love and wisdom. "The Little Prince" - a classic that love both adults and children.

"I was adopted by a gorilla," Frida Nilsson

In one orphanage lived a girl who wanted to find my mother. One day they came to adopt a child... But it was not a woman, and a gorilla. The girl was embarrassed choice, but parents do not choose. Before we understand each other, the girl and the gorilla have to learn to accept otherness. The book talks about the difficulties of child-parent relationship and about the importance of each other.

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