5 things that are not wealthy people spend money

Learn from what spending should refuse to continue to not have to sacrifice their own interests and desires.

expensive wedding

Times when the wedding invite all their friends and acquaintances, are long gone. Even celebrities prefer to organize the wedding just for the relatives.

Before you make a big wedding, count all costs. After that, I think, maybe it's worth for the money to make the long-awaited repair or buy a car.

Home fitness equipment and sports equipment

As practice shows, people use home exercise equipment is only the first week after unpacking. But in order to stay in shape, enough to give up the elevator and climb the stairs.

If you do not plan to use exercise equipment, do not buy it.


smart Appliances

Why spend all his fortune on equipment, which not only fulfills its obligations, but also provides endless possibilities? For example, multivarka music or kettle, where you can see the weather.

The main problem of this technique is that even the largest producers do not guarantee that the device will be receiving regular updates.

Too cheap / expensive clothes

Not always a high price for the thing speaks of quality. You should always pay your attention to the material, accuracy and comfort seams. Good quality clothing is not only last a long time, but also beneficial to accentuate your figure.

New models of famous brands

Should I only work to have time to get all the new items that come one after the other, or, even worse, go into debt?

The feeling of joy from the new gadgets will last only a few days, and the loan you will recall for years to come.

You will find interesting how to save without changing lifestyle