To read the child in the autumn: the top 3 books by Ukrainian publishers

Autumn creates an atmosphere of comfort, warmth and a complete unwillingness to go out. Spend their leisure time can be different at home.

However, to spend it to good use, or guaranteed nice if desired selection immediately stops on the book. Children's literature is now developing dynamically, so the choice of a great book. And publishers do not stop and are already preparing Christmas novelties that children bring Santa Claus under the Christmas tree. So what are we pleased with the Ukrainian publishing house in the fall? Let's look.

Liz Kessler "Hvostoriya Emily Vindsnep"

(# Knigolav, 2019)

The book - the first of nine books about a seventh-grader Emily, who lives in a dream world, dreams and the desire to swim. However, despite the fact that the girl lives with his mother on the boat, that it desperately discourages the idea of ​​learning how to swim. And not in vain. After the first hike in the school pool, Emily finds out she is half mermaid. After that, the girl's life is turned upside down, and there is only one question: who is she really? For primary and secondary school age.

Harriet Munkaster "Isadora moon goes on the sea"

(Vivat Publishing, 2019)

About Isadora moon need to know only one thing: she is half fairy, half - vampirka. Another interesting fact is that it learns about it in the most ordinary school for most ordinary people in the world. After a summer of Isadora to go back to school and tell how she spent three months of rest. However, from a book, it is clear that the family of vampires, fairies spends the summer is not as ordinary citizens. Can not reveal the secret, but silent for Isadora unbearable. Therefore, she has a plan. You want to know what? Run - read. For primary and secondary school age.

Oscar Brenif'e "What feelings?"

(Mom, 2019)

The book is constructed in the form of a conversation between children and adults. To answer the author uses simple language, so philosophical and deep threads, disturbing children become available for their understanding.

The book is dedicated to the senses. It contained 6 main issues:

  • How do you know that parents love you;
  • Are you jealous brothers or sisters;
  • Why do you quarrel with those whom you love;
  • Is it good to be in love;
  • Is it better to be alone or with friends;
  • Are you afraid to speak in front of others;

The book is illustrated in comic-style graphics, which makes the absorption of the material easier and more affordable.


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