TOP 4 dangers of indoor plants for babies

We tend to think that indoor plants extremely useful for our home.

They decorate the interior, and humidify the air. But some plants may be dangerousAnd most often it concerns completely unprotected organism baby. If you have a child in the house, check houseplants for the four most common hazards for children.

1. Spines and sharp leaves. Not only cacti can injure the child, and put them in the nursery, doctors generally prohibited. Some plants have very sharp edges, they can injure a curious child.

2. Small fruits. It is advisable to choose plants that do not produce fruit.

For example, nightshade or miniature peppers can be dangerous - if the fruits fall into the child's airway.

3. Harmful substances in plant sap. The sap of some plants contain substances that cause irritation.

Physicians are advised to avoid the plants in the family Araceae (dieffenbachia, Monstera).

4. Allergic reactions. The latter risk is difficult to anticipate, as an individual organism is allergic reaction. Sometimes the most ordinary plants produce a large-scale response in humans. Out of this situation, only one - the child to begin to equip the plants have room after his body is stronger, for example, after 7-8 years, and even later.

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