Playbill of Kyiv on October 2018: where to go with children

Traditionally, editors, website gathered for you the most interesting events of the month in October to you and your child had once been bored.

The exhibition "Dinosaurs Alive"


Date: September 2 - 4 November
A place: VDNG Akademika Galushkova 1
Tickets: 110 - 500 UAH

What we still know about the dinosaurs? Maximum - have seen a couple of Hollywood blockbusters in the cinema and a pair of skeletons in museums. The world famous exhibition "Dinosaurs Alive" has changed the idea of ​​today's children about these prehistoric creatures. The exhibition has already been visited by about 10 million viewers worldwide. After a tour in South America, Holland, Italy, Cyprus, Georgia, Greece, Singapore and other countries, now it came to Kiev.

Near pervogogo VDNG pavilion in the middle of the trees are now moving and growling almost 24 natural dinosaur! Scientists claim that this is the most natural reproduction of the largest inhabitants of our planet in the period of the Mesozoic era. Exhibits are made in real growth, have a completely identical coloring, texture, sounds and even motion! Such precision has been achieved thanks to the collaboration with Sebastian Apesteguya - paleontologist, Dr. Natural Sciences of Argentina, and Mr Felix de Azara Paleontologists Foundation and Maimonides University. After 235 million years, reptiles returned to Earth and is a spectacle not to be missed!

Show "Fantastic Worlds Little Prince"


Date:October 4 at 15:00
A place: Planetarium, Bolshaya Vasylkivska, 57/3
Tickets:200 - 400 UAH

Kiev Planetarium and Eclectic Sound Orchestra co-created a show that will not leave indifferent neither adults nor children. Currently, family activities! The cult fairy tale "The Little Prince" is hidden deep philosophical meaning. It addresses the eternal values: love, friendship, loyalty. And in the show, "Fantastic Worlds Little Prince" on them emphasis, the best quotes are accompanied by a beautiful instrumental music and evocative projections on the dome. Live guitar, accordion, flute create an amazing atmosphere and make for a fresh look at the familiar tale of Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Excursion "school in Kiev"


Date: October 6 at 15:00
A place:Park named after Taras Shevchenko (at the monument to the writer)
Tickets:150 UAH

It is strategically important to reduce each student. On the two-hour excursion children can spend one day in the past the school and learn to appreciate a modern school. Today, the school year begins on 1 September, holidays last for three months, in some schools children do not wear uniforms, and the lessons are allowed to use gadgets. Adults remember that a couple of decades ago, much was different. But neither adults nor children do not know what were the schools in Kiev 100 years ago! The students had to wear uniforms, not only in school but also outside it, and for the bad marks deprived lunch students. About the rest of punishment at all afraid to speak!

Soap bubbles show


Date:October 13 at 13:00
A place: Studio Theater "Millennium", Prospect Grigorenko, 26-A
Tickets: 150 UAH

Show bubbles - it's a win-win to please the child and encourage him to work. There they will see all sorts of hand tricks with soap bubbles filled with smoke and flames, small bulbashkami inside a large fireworks and even a huge number of small bubbles. Also, children will learn to create sleeves and a helmet of soap bubbles. And at the end of the program - a surprise: everyone will put in a giant bubble, one meter wide and five - in length! Kids believe that if inside a bubble giant to make a wish, it will certainly come true.

Festival Ulichnaya Eda. BBQ


Date: 13 - 14 October, 11:00 - 23:00
A place: Art-Works platform, ul. White Sea, 1
Tickets:100 UAH, children under 15 free

Spend the last warm days of the year with family and friends will be on Ulichnaya Eda. BBQ. For most it will be the last grill party outdoors. 13 and 14 October in the largest gastronomic festival we will bask in the heat of coal, feast on all that can be cooked on the fire, watch a movie and enjoy a varied program of more than 10 Ukrainian groups. Therefore, you can be sure that all the calories eaten will stay on the dance floor. Come in "Art-factory platform" stands for the perfect family weekend, the atmosphere resembles that country vacation.

Master class on painting coffee


Date: 14 October, 15:00
A place: Art Studio "Flashlight", Bastion Street, 5/13
Tickets:150 UAH

Coffee - it is not just a beverage with which to start our morning. It is a ritual, a charge of vivacity and creativity tool! At the weekend there is a pleasure with your child to learn how to draw pictures using coffee. Master class on painting coffee last for about two hours. During this time, each time to create a flavorful masterpiece that will remain in the memory of this spiritual event.

Game dipping "Fight Club"


Date: October 20 at 13:00
A place: Art Factory Platform, White Sea Street, 1
Tickets: 399 UAH

This game is recommended for children 14 years old and adults who love the movie "Fight Club." It will provide an opportunity to move from a passive viewing to active participation.

Just imagine: location area of ​​3,000 square meters of fully stylized under the entourage of the movie. Each player before the game is appropriate makeup. For full submersion also used 3D-projection from one of the best 3D mapping company in the world - Magic Innovations. And when more than 20 actors are immersed in the atmosphere for two hours, the line between reality and the game! Surviving with a child or a family-like experience - unforgettable.

Birthday Courage Bazaar: Flashback 90's


Date: 20 - 21 October, 11:00 - 23: 00
A place: VDNG avenue Academician Glushkov, 1
Tickets:100 UAH

The famous flea market Courage Bazaar - a favorite family entertainment of Kiev, calling on all his birthday. This means that there will be more than usual stellar reviews flea market, music, gifts, entertainment and refreshments. As always, children are given special attention: they are organized, heated play areas, space for diapering, feeding and even a children's garden with nannies. At this time, a grand party held in the style of good old 90s. So if you will take into consideration that in their way, it fits perfectly in the event. Tickets can be purchased on the spot. For birthday, pregnant women, children under 12, senior citizens and people with disabilities, members of ATO free admission.

Seminar "Dmitry Komarov: Brazil 2018»


Date: October 22, 12:00 PM
A place: ICCC, alley of Heroes Hundreds of Heaven, 1
Tickets:150 - 950 USD

Who said that children should learn about the world only from textbooks? The most famous Ukrainian traveler Dmitry Komarov, host of "world inside out" will bring us a piece of Brazil! He will reveal the details of a new expedition on the work in the most dangerous favelas in Brazil, Amazon studies, the risk to life during the filming. In addition to many stories, souvenirs, photos, star presenter present at the seminar Loucelles Santos - the most actress who starred in the most famous Brazilian TV series of all time "Slave Izaura ".

Remember when life fades everywhere, on TV when the show began? People are really worried about the fate of a young slave on Brazilian hacienda. Legendary actress has traveled to dozens of countries creative meetings. For example, only in China was 26 times. But in the post-Soviet space, where she loved and waited for most, could not attend. And October 22 Loucelles first come to the meeting with Ukrainian fans! So delighted with the event will not only children but also mothers and grandmothers.

The play "Why the long nose of an elephant"


Date:October 28, 11:00 am and 13:00
A place: Puppet theater, street Miropolskaya 1
Tickets:60 UAH

Tale by Rudyard Kipling "Mowgli" the whole world knows. But another of his tale of the jungle - not all. To fix this, you can reduce the kids on the show on this tale. If your children have reached the age when they became interested in everything, and you will hear in the day dozens of "why?", Then this show just to save you! The play won the Theater Award "Kyiv Pectoral-2015" in the category "Best Performance for Children" and "The best set design." Puppets, original scenography, acrobatics and interesting musical accompaniment will not leave indifferent any young viewer.

Innovation and educational space for children SMART START


October 6, will be held on Saturday, "the star opening" and the parade of talents of all who come to dance and vocal workshops. From 11:00 to 13:30 you are waiting for a dance flash mob from MiXstyle Dance Studio and a children's disco, vocal master classes and impromptu performance on the mini-stage SEC "Metropolis", as well as competitive and entertaining program.

Date:October 6th, from 11:00 to 13:30
A place: SEC "Metropolis", a street of Marshal Malinovsky, 12
Free admission

The first weekend of October Darynke

Warm atmosphere, live music, a delicious variety of food, as well as entertainment and, of course, shopping, a lot of shopping. The Market mall "Darynok" so every weekend, these - is no exception. A great vacation for the whole family, because here everyone will find something to their liking. October 6-7, forward for you to visit!

The entertainment program circus performances: magic and interactive tricks, funny mix with mimes and music of different directions in a living performed by professional musicians.

In order not to tire the kids shopping, which is so like my mother, on the 3rd floor in
sector 'Malech' just two active zones work for them.

  • ·Rope Park "Climbing" with different lifts, ladders and rope path that will help your child feel like a real adventurer.
  • Children's room "Tarzanie" where you can climb through the maze and have fun with the animators, but for little security visitors are constantly monitoring the administrators.
  • Every weekend is held in Market Mall gastronomic Fair with lots of goodies and fair "Taste World", which will travel to various countries in terms of flavor combinations, because the menu offers dishes of different peoples of the world. The choice is yours!

Spend a weekend active! Together with the Market Moll "Darynok".

More familiar with all the activities, the schedule of shows and
many others are available by calling (044) 461 88 13, on the website "Darynka" and
page in the social network Facebook.