Herd immunity: what and why it is necessary for everyone?

What is herd immunity, and why should vaccinate the child, even if the earlier case of this disease has not been fixed.

Collective (aka group) immunity - a form of indirect protection of society against viruses. Achieve such protection is possible thanks to the people who are vaccinated against possible infections advance. So they encourage herd immunity, preventing transmission of the virus to those who have not been immunized.

Mechanisms of immunity

There are three mechanisms of immunity. Or lack thereof. The team, which has not previously been vaccinated, can easily appear a carrier of infection. As a result - the appearance of a high probability of ill almost everyone who contacted with the infected. The second option is more compromise: a carrier that hit the team with a low percentage of vaccinated, it is likely to infect them. However, that small group of people who are vaccinated, have a stronger immune system and is likely to remain outside the risk zone. The third option - hit transporter in the team, where almost all vaccinated. In this case, the infection has no chance to infect someone and it just stays with its owner.

It is worth noting that not all unvaccinated can pick up an infection. It all depends on the health and general immunity!

The importance of herd immunity for us

Vaccination is not to prevent the common cold. Its role is more global: it is able to prevent those infections that can lead a person to a disability. Herd immunity serves as a protective barrier for people who have medical contraindications can not be vaccinated. And also - for newborns, who were not vaccinated because of the age recommended for vaccination. With the weakening of immunity (non-vaccination, violation of the procedure for its implementation or substandard vaccines) in the country can return to a long-forgotten dangerous diseases brought from other countries. For example, Ukraine in 2002 received the status of "free zone of polio." However, the probability of the return of the infection is still high at the flippant attitude of people towards this issue.

If the child has no medical contraindications, you should be vaccinated according to the vaccination schedule. When skipping a mandatory vaccination should consult your pediatrician to develop individual schedule. This is important both for your baby and for children who can not for some reason be grafted.

Remember, herd immunity only occurs when vaccinated 90% of the population.


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