How much should weigh filled schoolbag: check child

Too heavy backpack can hit the health of the child, so parents need to monitor this indicator.

Back pain and neck arise from studentsWhich are too heavy backpacks and briefcases. According to the doctors, the backpack weight should not exceed 10% of the weight of the student, and the weight of the bag on wheels if it is used by a child can be a maximum of 20% of the weight of the baby.

Thus a person who weighs 40 kilograms, is regularly worn on the back of a 4-pound backpack, no more.

What happens if a backpack is too heavy?

  • There are pains in the back and neck,
  • Child can disturb muscle pain,
  • There is a risk of falls and injuries.

How to reduce the weight of the backpack?

Parents with a child will have to revise school supplies, and remove all of the portfolio than the student does not use. If there is an opportunity to purchase electronic books, do it - so that the child could leave them at school or, on the contrary, to use the electronic version of the classroom.

Also, doctors advise parents to remind their children about the need to wear a backpack on only two legs, not one.

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