Dislocation of the child: how to define and administer first aid

Children, young and older, can not sit still, so sometimes they are injured. Dislocation of the child - not uncommon, so let's learn how to recognize it and to provide first aid.

About 70% of all childhood injuries are domestic. The causes of most of them are falling. Fast driving and riding in unauthorized locations on rollers, bicycles or skateboards also often lead to the falls. In addition, the dislocation of the child can get and while active, Igor, so no matter how you try to protect your child from injury, sometimes they can happen to any child.

When dislocation superimpose the fixing bandage or splint

How to recognize a dislocation of the baby

Dislocation - a violation of the joint contours. Such injuries occur in most cases due to the fall.

The main symptoms are: movement in the joint is limited, there is increased pain at the site of dislocation, limb movement is complicated, it is shortened or lengthened, and sometimes even deformed.

First aid: for injured hands or feet is necessary to ensure maximum tranquility. It is necessary to splint or bandage fixation. Then, as quickly as possible it is necessary to show the child's pediatric orthopedics and trauma. Independently reduce a dislocation is strictly prohibited.

When dislocation necessarily need to show the child's pediatric trauma / istockphoto.com

Subluxation of the radius of the elbow - a common injury among children. It is typical for children from 1 year to 3 years. Also called "dislocation of the drawing." This injury may occur when the adult holds the child tightly by the handle, and he accidentally tripped or slipped. Sometimes you can hear a characteristic crunch in the affected limb.

The main symptoms are: the baby feels a sharp pain, and then ceases to move his hand and holds it stretched along the body, slightly bent at the elbow. A particularly strong pain during this injury arises from rotation forearm or elbow joints.

First aid: It is the same as in the dislocation: ensure peace and bring the child to the emergency room.

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